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Our Customers Benefit from Automatic Delivery

Never worry about running out of heating oil again

No need to schedule us or be around for delivery - we show up and fill your tank based on your usage

Enjoy our best price - typically 5¢ per gallon less than will-call customers

Automatic delivery is a fan favorite with our customers because it frees up time in their busy schedules. 

While every home is different, many families order oil every month or two in order to keep their homes warm, safe, and comfortable. Over time, these deliveries add up and take up valuable space on your to-do list. 

When you sign up for automatic delivery with Gerner Energy, you can leave your fuel deliveries to the experts!

How Automatic Delivery Works

We ask you a few questions or look at your delivery history to determine your yearly usage for your home.

Based on historical usage, weather, and other factors, we automatically dispatch our trucks to keep you fueled up.

We leave you a delivery ticket after each delivery and your credit card gets charged at the end of the day. You can also receive a copy of the delivery ticket in your email. It is that easy! 

The Benefits

  • Automatically get our best pricing for heating oil, typically 5¢ per gallon less than will-call
  • Save money by avoiding emergency delivery fees
  • Skip the stress of remembering to place orders
  • Save time placing orders - no waiting on hold!
  • Never worry about running out of oil
  • Enjoy total convenience!

Automatic Delivery Savings*

  • 5¢ per gallon off all future deliveries
  • Worry-free scheduled delivery
  • $25 off service plans


per gallon on your 1st delivery


*for new automatic delivery customers

Will-Call Delivery Savings*

  • Easy Ordering online or over the phone 
  • As You Need It deliveries on your schedule 
  • Fast, Dependable emergency deliveries

per gallon on all deliveries over 100 gallons


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