Propane Gas Delivery

With monitored, automatic delivery, you never need to worry about checking your tank levels or running out of propane again while saving 15¢ per gallon off our will-call pricing on EVERY delivery.

Join the 1,000s of families and businesses throughout the Baltimore area that take advantage of wireless tank monitoring.

Monitored, Automatic Delivery Program

Gerner Energy is your reliable energy provider in the Greater Baltimore area. We are your first choice for propane delivery and tank sales and installation. When you choose Gerner Energy for propane delivery, you can expect the same high quality of care that has defined our business from the beginning.



Our team of reliable delivery drivers are ready to deliver your fuel safely and on schedule. We offer several delivery options to suit each customer’s needs.


Gerner Energy customers love the reliability and convenience of automatic monitored delivery but we have other options to meet your needs. 


Trust the experts at Gerner Energy for your tank installation and propane delivery. Fast, reliable, safe and competitively priced all the time.

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How Monitored, Automatic Delivery Works

We'll attach a wireless monitor to your propane tank that keeps constant track of your tank levels.

When your tank level is between 20%-30%, our team dispatches a driver to fill your tank - automatically providing you with the propane you need.

You never need to check your tank level or waiting to get the best price. With Automated delivery, you receive a discount on our will-call pricing PLUS you'll receive the best volume discount for your tank size!

Customers on Automatic Monitored Propane Delivery benefit from never needing to check their tank levels, or constantly monitor propane prices online:

Automatically save 15¢ per gallon off our will-call propane price
We monitor your tank to ensure you never run out. We typically fill your tank between 25%-35% but many factors can alter this such as extreme weather, your usage and your location. You always get the best price for your tank size.
You can keep an eye  on your propane tank levels directly from your smartphone or tablet
By having our free monitoring program, stop paying expensive fees when your tank runs empty.

Switched from a national brand. Gerner is less than 50% their cost. Switch over was seamless. Very responsive to my questions and needs.

Ralph B.
Via Google

Works on Above & Below Ground Tanks!

Use Your Smartphone or Tablet to Keep Constant Track of Your Tank Levels

Set Custom Alerts to Know When Your Tank Reaches Certain Levels

A small, unobtrusive monitor attaches to your tank, connecting to our command center, monitoring your tank levels 24/7.

We switched to Gerner from a large company, based out of state, which has been buying local companies. The large company had bought our previous local company. So I searched for a local company with good customer service and good prices. Gerner's staff answered their phones (!), answered every question, and were prompt, with good prices and kind workers. I felt like they saw me as part of their community, not just another dollar. Gerner's prices were better than the large company, and they have full service from oil to propane to services. We are happy with switching, and look forward to a long relationship with Gerner.

Lauren M.
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Customers that sign up for monitored delivery, will receive FREE wireless tank monitoring.

100% Privacy Guaranteed.

Sign Up Today & We'll Cover the Monthly Monitoring Fee.

By signing up for tank monitoring, you will ensure that you always receive the best volume discount for your tank size.

Special Limited Time Offer: Save 20¢ Per Gallon On Your First Tank Fill On Monitored Delivery

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